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Scholarship Application Form

Thanks to the generosity of our many benefactors, SHDHS is blessed to award several memorial and honorary endowed scholarships each year. These scholarships are awarded in addition to general financial assistance.


To begin the scholarship application process, students must enter their information in the form below, answering each eligibility question. IMPORTANT: If a student is NOT eligible to apply for a specific scholarship based on one or more eligibility criteria, a notification will appear in red below his/her answer(s) to that question(s).

Submission requirements (essays, letters of recommendations, FACTS applications, transcripts, etc.) vary by scholarship. Once a student selects the specific scholarship that he/she is applying for, submission requirements will be auto-populated at the bottom of this form. Students MUST submit a separate application for each scholarship for which they are applying. There is no limit to the number of scholarships that any given student can apply for (i.e., if a student meets the scholarship criteria for 5 different scholarships, he/she can apply for all 5 scholarships), but please verify eligibility before submitting each application. To view a chart showing all scholarships, eligibility criteria, and submission requirements, please click here.

Enrollment Department

Mrs. Beckie Middendorf
[email protected]
859-525-0255 x2821

Admissions Department

Mrs. Toni Lehan
[email protected]
859-525-0255 x2826

Technology Department

Jorge Carbwood
[email protected]
859-525-0255 x2820